Publicité Visuelle
American Algerian Management Institute IMAA

Discours de Karym

[NETlaqaw Ramadan 2019]
22.00 pm - 00.00 am
Theme: La publicité algérienne pendant le Ramadan

Informations personnelles

Highly experienced business leader, operating at strategic level with customer centric organizations. +25 years of experience in the USA, Europe and the GCC.
I have a comprehensive capital of global experience in the areas of marketing, communications, brand management and all that is digital i.e. digital transformation, e-commerce, traffic generation, conversion, customer retention and customer experience.

Having operated primarily in the very competitive and dynamic technology sector in the US (Boston/San Francisco/San Jose) I also have sound exposure in emerging markets hence my skills are easily transferable and adaptable to consumers based markets and industries.

My key responsibilities include coaching and leading teams, integrated marketing communications strategies, operational marketing, business development and customer interactions to streamline customer experience and gain sustainable competitive advantage with proven ROI.

Highly analytical and creative, passionate about learning and sharing, skilled at coaching teams and leading them towards achieving top performance.

Actively seeking for future opportunities to offer high value contributions and a positive attitude within a customer centric organization. 

Marketing Communications
Brand Management
Public Relations